It’s Halloween!

In a world where revisionist history twists public understanding, where vaccine cynics imagine they’re a majority, and where our ability to navigate the NEXT pandemic depends on public clarity, we’re flooding the zone with vaccine gratitude — and sending profits to boost scientific communication.

What will your costume express this year?
How about gratitude and solidarity with the superheroic scientists, doctors, nurses, and 5.6 BILLION people of goodwill who represent the Vaccine Reason League? This 3D molecular model of the spike protein has become an international symbol of public health reason.

Costume of the year? Build yours in 3 quick steps:
① Grab your spike shirt, ② match some pants, ③ just add cape.

Order your costume now to arrive before Halloween.
Solidarity can be overdone, but there’s surely a place for it.

While you’re here, take a look around the Spike Shop. All profits from all sales still go to public-health science communication and R&D on emerging analytical technologies.