What paper are you scoring today?

Well-intentioned people are confused about CoViD19 science. Traditional scientific communication makes it too hard for society to sort individual observations from broad claims about the preponderance of evidence on each complex topic. If we can’t come together to sort the forest for the trees, we’re bound to goof up our politics and our policy on a democratic scale.

The CoViD Preponderance Project invites participating scientists* to comment on individual papers, one at a time, in order collectively to reveal big scientific patterns that can help people of goodwill to zoom in/out to understand “preponderance of evidence” claims — and to interrogate the connections between those claims and individual studies.

It’s easy! And if you’re a member of a participating scientific society, we need your help. To get started, just enter a paper’s digital object identifier (DOI), its Pubmed number, or start typing a paper’s title to search for the right publication?


*We invite the participation of all credentialed scientists to contribute to this worldwide project to crowdsource the organization of scientific literature on CoViD19. To participate you just need 1) membership in any one of these scientific societies, or 2) sponsorship of such a member. To sponsor a friend, just add them to your reading group on the next page.

Other members of the public may also participate, and their contributions can be filtered in various reports for comparison and perspective.