Bob, DC, and RN collaborators,

The pages that follow present a rough concept sketch. This is a brainstorm to illustrate and explore the idea that I proposed back in February.

The design challenge here is to create a structure that
① Collects just the right information to crowd-source the organization of all CoViD literature — and then allows onlookers to zoom in/out from big-picture-preponderance patterns to detailed particulars. That is a tall architectural order, but I think it can be done in roughly this way.
② Informs preponderance-to-particulars understanding of the questions that most impact politics and policy. The selection and articulation of questions here is pivotal.
③ Allows qualified, invited scientists to participate EASILY.
④ Feeds into rich graphical overviews and meaty elaborative dialogue among scientists et al. on later screens.

At this point in a design process, small details in architecture, wording, strategy, aesthetic can have enormous potential to distract. Please work with me to detune some distractions, and indulge a conversation about the big-picture concept for this stage of a brainstorm. Also, please ignore all the trimmings of the Vaccinated.US site. I just used this site as my sketch pad because that made the sketching faster.

I think we could take this somewhere extraordinary.