Gift Cards


Spike Shop gift cards add virality to vaccine gratitude. Know someone(s) who would look great in a spike shirt?  Send them gift cards and let them pick their own sizes, colors, etc.
Gift your whole group in one quick step by adding a list of email addresses during checkout (pictured below).

Group sale rates do apply to gift cards. When your cart exceeds 10 items a 10% discount is applied to the full order. 15% off when your cart tips over 15 items.


Great solution for family or team purchases. After selecting your gift card amount simply add the list of recipients’ email addresses (example below). Be careful to enter email addresses correctly and separate with commas. Each recipient (email address) will receive a gift card with your personalized message.
Delivery of this gift generally takes 0-3 minutes to deliver to the recipient.
Group sale rates do apply to gift cards.
We cannot refund gift card purchases.

Example group order.