If you’ve selected the perfect ① spike shirt and ② super pants, then it’s time to ③ just add cape.

We sold out of our own capes, but the Vaccine Reason Network is large, and we recommend the following cape suppliers who have lots of inventory and speedy fulfillment.

ADULT cape recommendations on Amazon:
Adult cape – choose your color
Adult capes – 5-pack (neighborhood alliance?)
Adult capes – 7-pack (office party!)
Adult capes – 14-pack (over the top?)

KID cape recommendations on Amazon:
Kid cape – double sided
Kid cape 2 – different colors
Set of 3 kid capes on Amazon (Small party? Sibling pack?)
Set of 14 kid capes on Amazon (Halloween party?)
Set of 16 kid capes on Amazon
Set of 24 kid capes on Amazon (Suit up the whole class?)

If you prefer Ebay

Adult capes on Ebay
Adult capes option 1
Adult capes option 2

Kid capes on Ebay
Individual kid capes on Ebay
Set of 14 kid capes Ebay option 1 (for a whole class, party, or group!)
Set of 14 kid capes Ebay option 2 (for a whole class, party, or group!)

Toddler cape on Ebay:
Toddler capes on Ebay