Superheroes of science.
The costume.

If you’re one of the 5.6 BILLION people of goodwill who came together to invent, distribute, and receive(!) CoViD vaccines on a superheroic timeline, during the century’s deadliest pandemic, then you’re part of an honorable worldwide collaboration. Maybe even a superhero of science.

Thanks to everyone who bought Halloween costumes!
We have sold out of Halloween costumes that can be delivered before Halloween.
Check out some other spike protein art that people are considering for Halloween and Christmas…

Also for Halloween

The Pumpkin Spike phone protector is like a costume for your phone. It’s also just the coolest phone protector around (available for most phones). All profits from all sales still go to public-health science communication and R&D on emerging informatics technology.

3D Molecular Art

The “Heart of the Matter” molecular art series shows an on-axis view of the SARS CoV2 spike protein with 3 alpha helices projecting out toward the viewer.

Extraordinary Resolution

New fangled printing technology allows us to print these molecular structures in exquisitely high resolution — you’ve got to see the fine details.

Serious Protection

The snap case is slim and lightweight — but super protective.
• Made of polycarbonate material
• Wireless charging compatible
• Precisely aligned port openings

Pick Your Phone

Of course phone protectors come ready for the most popular phone models.

These high-precision 3D models of the spike protein molecule are visually stunning, but they also express something poetic. An affinity to reason? Gratitude to the scientists who produced this life-saving biomedical achievement? Thanks to everyone who pulled together to opt in? Vaccines were never supposed to be about making a statement but, as expressionist art, these little molecules do say something kind of cool…