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  • Can Molecular Art Boost our Vaccine Reason/Resistance Ratio?

    Can Molecular Art Boost our Vaccine Reason/Resistance Ratio?

    The Vaccinated.US team is on a mission to disseminate a million pieces of spike protein art as a subtle, poetic symbol of vaccine reason and gratitude — because we believe that can improve the spirit of public health cooperation and actual health outcomes during a global pandemic. The project grew out of a concern that…

  • Do Your “Own” CoViD19 Research?

    A handful of observations to aid earnest CoViD conversations. When faced with a need for additional information, centuries of sensible people have rallied to “do research.” But right in the midst of this century’s most deadly viral pandemic, a subtle new variation on this ethos has emerged: “do your own research.” Is that the same […]

  • CoViD-19 Good News Trifecta

    CoViD-19 Good News TrifectaA good news story in 3 animated graph streams CoViD-19 produced plenty of bad news during its first two-year run of the globe. It’s now well documented that CoViD-19 was a leading cause of death in much of 2020 and 2021, occasionally even displacing accidents, cancer, and heart disease as the #1 […]

  • Delta-Phase CoViD-19 Quadrupled Stillbirth Rate. So, what’s the “pro” choice on vaccines?

    A massive CDC study of 1.2 million births during the CoViD-19 pandemic found that the rate of stillbirths more than quadrupled for pregnant women who were infected with the SARS-CoV2 coronavirus during the period when the delta variant became predominant.  Since CoViD-19 vaccines reduce infection rates, vaccine “choice” suddenly has implications for perinatal survival rate. […]

  • First Donation to MicrobeTV

    Vincent Racaniello and the hard-working team at MicrobeTV stepped up to provide an extraordinary form of leadership during the CoViD-19 pandemic. Their professionalism was, of course, well established before CoViD but their weekly review of CoViD literature, their tireless organization of information, and their principled scrutiny of the science during the pandemic has helped scientists […]