Some say CoViD vaccines were the scientific achievements of the century.
When was the last time you heard anyone say thank you?
Just thank you. To the
vaccine scientists who made them possible. | overworked doctors who held it together. | overworked nurses who carried us through.| clinical trial volunteers. | 270 million Americans who vaxxed. | 5.4 BILLION around the world who vaxxed. | people who vaccinated to protect others. | people who vaxxed to protect themselves. | people who vaccinated in round 1. | people who vaxxed in round 501. |public health scientists still tracking CoViD.

Vaccines were never supposed to be about making a statement but these 3D molecular structures of the SARS-CoV2 spike protein just seem to do that… Could a statement be forgiven in the form of exquisite molecular art? How about when the primary message is ‘thank you’?


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We’ve shipped spike art to 22 countries and 47 US states. Studies suggest that conspiracy adherents over-estimate levels of agreement with their misconceptions. We hope the spike model can raise the ambient, visible level of public health reason in communities where it might seem absent. Solidarity can be overdone, but there’s a place for it.


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Wait, molecular art is a thing?
You be the judge. Despite the muted tones, this molecular vaccine art grabs attention and says something profound. Art that punctuates the pandemic stories we’ll be telling for the rest of our lives.

This is simple. Pick one of these three designs, and then the other options should fall into place.

Vaccine art that whispers reason, shouts gratitude & accelerates science.
We’re molecular biologists & computer scientists working to unstick bottlenecks in biomedical research by developing powerful new analytical tools. Scientifically precise, high-resolution molecular art fuels our R&D. All proceeds accelerate the development of those urgent new tools for next-gen research (more info).

The “Heart of the Matter” molecular art series shows an on-axis view of the SARS CoV2 spike protein with 3 alpha helices projecting out toward the viewer. The name reflects the heart-like shape that the molecule presents in this orientation. New fangled printing technology allows us to print these molecular structures in exquisitely high resolution — it’s really worth seeing.

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